Missing Intelligent Sales Data


The amount of data that is being produced and captured by internet buyers is stunning. There’s a concept of infinite computing makes it possible for anyone to set up a shop and start selling because computing power is ubiquitous and endless while cost is dramatically low.

In this kind of world, we can track information and we have this in analytics, sales funnels and digital marketing algorithms via marketing automation and a number of embedded technologies that face the buyer.

The problem is less about having data and more about how to make meaning of the big data that is flooding your sites every day. You are missing intelligence when you cannot predict what will happen in the next month or quarter as well as take the actions on your product line, sales process and engagement approach that your data is telling you.

Selling by working harder is a terrible, inferior strategy to being able to analyze, predict and optimize a selling approach based on how visitors and buyers behave before and after sales decisions and purchases.

Wouldn’t you like to know what the right product sequencing would be? Or which demographic to focus your messaging towards at what time?

What about being able to decipher whether you will meet your next quarter goals with 90% certainty?

Imagine your data being analyzed with statistical tools and predictive capabilities based on transforming behaviors as well as how your customer engages your company.

This kind of intelligence keeps you from wasting money, time and energy in the wrong areas. You gain an unfair advantage by looking behind the veil and creating predictability. This is possible if you approach selling with insights from your data rather than applying simple determination and harder effort.

Take stock of your own strategy. How will you double or triple your revenue? Contact us and find out how this could be an unfair advantage for your store or business.

Competing Against the World


Putting a message out into the world is extremely simple and convenient. You can do this from anywhere now with your iPhone at the speed of thought. The ability to connect and post your message is meaningless in a sea of messages unless you can break through the noise.

The barrier to entry into communications whether it be a radio show, your own newspaper, a new online merchandise item or a simple text message is extremely low. The real barrier is around mattering. Getting attention with the right people so they hear you and recognize you are relevant is what people are competing for every day.

Think about why you pay attention to some messages and not the many others:

  • You know a person well.
  • You respect the reputation of a company.
  • You have seen a name pop up frequently and regularly.
  • A friend told you to pay attention
  • You are enticed by an offer
  • Your are passionate about a hobby or industry

These are personal and create resonance.

For your message to connect with people you have to study behaviors, buying signals and data that tells you how to compete with the world. The information comes from past clients, visitors, and sales engagement information. The deciphering into what works from how to say things and when to present your main offerings can be predictable. But you have to approach the competition with your eye set on the goal of deciphering the noise to find the signal.

What is the sales approach that maximizes your sales conversion and opportunities? What is the timing and sequence for selling? Who are the people that can recognize you in the sea of their own information realities?

What’s your strategy for competing against the world? Are you simply going to try harder?