You may have an idea that you have yet to act on or already have a business but want to achieve higher levels of success. Ultimately, your business requires leadership, process and systems that work together to help you make money.

You could try things on your own and experience failure because of the uncertainty involved. Or you could reduce your risks and increase your chances for success by partnering.

We have built many businesses and enjoy working in joint ventures that have revenue opportunities. We don’t take on every venture opportunity, but we will listen, evaluate and decide on a case-by-case basis whether it makes sense to partner.

Every joint venture is different, but getting into a dialogue together about the business opportunity, roles, revenue sharing and strategy is a great way for us both to discuss what a partnership might look like.

As a venture partner we agree to scale the business and work steadily week after week on the strategy and execution required to increase revenue. We run the business and share in the rewards with you through ownership.

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