How to Game Opportunities Your Way

There is one undeniable “secret” to success in business, and that is consistency in the right habits. Most of the success stories we read are about people with “pigheaded determination” who show up day after day after day sharing their value and message with those who need to hear it most.

We are easily distracted, and it usually takes 5-12 similar messages to begin to listen to someone new. How can you set yourself up to make sure you are in front of the right person that many times before giving up?

“Business is a game of probabilities.” How can you increase your probabilities and game success for yourself and your company?

Don offers a few practical ideas in this article.

Don Dalrymple


It really is enticing to buy into some fad, secret sauce or crowd hype especially when it comes to deal making and opportunities. It feels secure to do the “right things” and rely on determinism.

That kind of thinking may have been true before the floodgates of access were opened and anyone and everyone could participate with their voice, ideas or projects. On the one hand I’m excited and root heavily for all the new participants in the marketplace. I like being able to think of something, look it up and implement it quickly if it is worthwhile. I like that I can connect with everyone and anyone quickly.

However, getting through all that noise to get attention and being someone that stands out becomes even more challenging. You get mixed in with the noise hitting everyone’s phones.

Business is a game of probabilities. You can increase your chances to…

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