Fixing the Selling Funnel at the Top

Are you fishing in crowded ponds?

The selling funnel for most businesses has the following sales conversion stages:

  1. Getting found online via a sales channel
    1. Social selling
    2. Google Search ranking
    3. Paid online advertising
  2. A store or site visitor exploring your content on your site
  3. A prospective customer wanting to engage in a conversation by filling out a web form or calling in
  4. sales conversation for a proposal or purchase.

You can make an efficient conversion process from steps 2-4. If you have decent sales people, then it is expected for them to convert a large percentage of qualified prospective customers and leads. Otherwise, why are they there? Having a 20%-50% sales conversion at the bottom of the funnel is efficient and repeatable.

The middle of your funnel can be tweaked as you gain data and insights to ensure you are talking to serious people that want to buy. It’s a qualification and filtering approach.

But Step 1, getting found, the top part of your funnel is critical to feeding the sales conversion process.

For this, you have to gain the feedback from existing customers and even those that don’t convert. Knowing why someone buys, where they came from and using strategies that embed you in the right places is critical. It’s about fishing in the right ponds instead of simply becoming better at your craft of reeling in your catch.

Consider a strategy that enlarges the top of your funnel by:

  1. Picking channels and opportunities where your buyers hang out. Getting this statistical data from existing customers you may have attracted without insights is a great starting place.
  2. Analyze the sales place they come from and make a strategy for attraction.
  3. Predict your traffic and visitors based on your research.
  4. Test out your assumptions and positioning with various messaging and tactical approaches.
  5. Go big on what emerges as a working model that will fill the top of the sales funnel.

You can guess on your selling. But that will not scale unless you have intelligence. Furthermore, selling in today’s overcrowded marketplace has challenges from the dynamic continually changing preferences of buyers.

What is your demand generation top of the funnel strategy? Want to know more?

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