Keeping the Sales Opportunity Funnel Continuous

Sales never ends. Your business exists to service customers that find value in what you offer. The challenge of keeping your sales opportunity funnel continuous for deal making has to be a primary strategy that you address.

Ultimately, there are a limited set of strategies to work with new customers. It’s best to analyze your market and how buyers engage similar offerings with competitors in benchmarks.

Furthermore, you can take a look at your existing customers you have won and examine how they became customers. Then invest your budget, resources and attention towards those places that have worked. Refine the approach to attracting new prospects and keep conversion metrics front and center on a monthly basis.

For those prospects that do express interest, you have the task of nurturing, following up and educating them about the benefits of your offering. A system that will touch a person multiple times, perhaps even a dozen times over many months is required. You may start this with people on your team that are service-oriented.

The metrics for sales conversion here have to be gathered and analyzed for continuous improvement as well. Your messaging and efficiency that comes from top performers on your team can be examined for what the key influencing points are and that can be magnified for sales efficiency.

The sales opportunity funnel often has a lot of moving pieces and data builds up over time. To keep the sales conversion working over time and the funnel full, you have to see what truly works and where to emphasize more of your efforts and resources.

Start by establishing a baseline of metrics that you can examine and track over time. From there, watch what is working and what is lagging. Your industry benchmarks will shed light on what is a reasonable goal.

Keeping your sales funnel continuous requires tweaking and upgrading where the data leads you. It’s an exercise in continuous and vigilant management and analysis practices.

How are you tracking your sales conversion metrics for efficiency?

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