The Dalrymple Group helps businesses grow by implementing solutions to common problems around sales, leadership, operations, and marketing.

We do this through Management Consulting and Venture Partnerships.


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If you are a startup or small business seeking to grow or scale, you have come to the right place.

We invest in start-ups, offering opportunities for both capital investments and leadership involvement. We help scale businesses with lean, powerful systems and strategies.

We work with companies that have already enjoyed some success. They usually have started with an excellent product, clear vision, and a team of passionate people. But as most companies begin to scale, some foundations need to be reset or upgraded to handle the growth.

Our team helps identify which components of your business would benefit most from some changes, and we lead you through the strategy and implementation of each priority.

We have worked with owners and companies since 2001, offering leadership in both the art and science of business. We value simple, effective solutions to complex problems and enjoy watching owners experience the benefits of more revenue, freedom, and peace of mind. We have enjoyed long-term relationships with our clients and partners because of the trust we build.

don dalrympleDon has a Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Rochester. He owns and runs businesses in addition to helping clients grow their own companies.

Don keeps a regular blog with insights into strategy, leadership and growing your business at




sonya dalrymple


Sonya Dalrymple has a Masters from the University of Rochester. With a background in English, she has focused creating online marketing systems that position and sell. She partners with Don to integrate effective sales and marketing systems.

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Our Services

We offer a consultative approach to implementing solutions around the following areas:

Management Consulting

We help you with strategy, process, and systems that can grow with your team. We set up approaches for overseeing and driving towards your business goals.

We meet regularly with owners or executives to seek to understand or offer clarity about your highest priorities and look for the areas of improvement that will afford the biggest impact.

Sales Systems

We help develop sales strategy and systems management for pipeline, forecasting, and revenue. We help set up and implement CRM systems and process development, and drive team execution.

Online Marketing Systems

We design and develop demand generation which positions you for consistent lead flow, customer sales and referrals. We have a team of specialists that help with marketing analysis, web design, CMS, and overall strategy and processes to nurture your contact list and gain new clients.




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Miles Spencer

milespencerFounder, Vaux les Ventures. And then some.

Don’s been great in this regard; there is no difference between what he says and what he does. Quite refreshing as a purveyor of marketing science! I have enjoyed how he meaningfully manages the funnel, and teach all he touches the same process. It’s not easy, but it’s good.

Jennifer Sacco

jennifersaccoFounder of Remarkable Women

We have worked closely on projects for a couple of years and there isn’t anyone who works harder, more efficiently, or helps solve problems better than Don and Sonya! Their expertise and leadership are remarkable!

Jeff Mankoff

jeffmankoffCEO, vPromos, Inc.

Don helped me become a thought leader in my card linking loyalty industry. His coaching ensures that I stay on path and continue to publish and follow up.

Joseph W. Williams

JosephwilliamsSpecialist for Deep Value Global Investors & Real Estate Asset Managers to create high risk- adjusted return investments

Don is a business visionary but is also very hands on and practical. He helped me create a business marketing plan via a newsletter that has totally changed my business and is likely the biggest asset the company has. I would recommend Don to anyone who is having business challenges or growth issues.

JP Novak

jpnovakPresident at 512 Solar

I owe much of the success of 512 Solar to Don’s strategic leadership and his tactical execution. He drove me towards the goal even when I couldn’t see the forest through the trees. Don has always demonstrated himself to be trustworthy and is willing to have the difficult conversations to make sure we are always on the same page. I give Don my complete endorsement and believe he has the knowledge, skill and experience to help any business owner or executive win in their respective fields.

Ellen Newhouse

ellennewhouseAuthor, Speaker 

Are you really ready to make changes and step up your game? Then hire the Dalrymple Group! Don will challenge you to really own what you want and then the two of you will get busy creating a plan to get there! And…..before you even get started, they’ll have you take a “test” that gives you a clear evaluation of your true strengths…..this was so helpful for me. I come back to this knowledge again and again!